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Welcome to Earth Endeavor!

As we are all aware, we live in an interdependent world. We cannot sustain this planet if our focus is directed to only fulfilling our immediate desires and we remain negligent towards everything else around us. With this in mind, we have created Earth Endeavor, a project dedicated towards helping the environment in all aspects. As referred to by the ancient sciences, the primary elements of matter are Air, Water, Earth and Fire. With that in mind we have decided to target four different environmental issues, each primarily related to one of these elements. Each product offered draws attention to a specific project and ALL (that means 100%), of the profits generated will be applied towards their respective causes.

This project has no operational fees or other running costs and all work is contributed purely on a volunteer basis.

  • Water

    WaterOcean Necklace

    This gorgeous necklace represents water, the essential for life. Contamination of water leads to the chemical breakdown of our rivers and oceans and affects us, the aquatic life and creates imbalances in the ecosystem. Currently, we are dumping the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic per minute into our oceans! In Florida, many of our lakes are polluted to the point of being beyond suitable for swimming or fishing. Money made from this purchase goes directly to cleaning up water bodies in our wonderful state. Make a purchase here and help target water pollution starting today!

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  • Air

    AirGlobe Necklace

    None of us can imagine life without air even for a few minutes. This necklace goes straight into attacking carbon emissions which are devastating the earth. Excess carbon emissions lead to a faster rate of global warming which can result in rising sea levels, ocean acidification, intensified storms, etc. It affects every corner of the Earth and efforts need to be made in order to prevent irreversible damage. You can make that effort now by purchasing this item and contributing to the solution.

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  • Earth

    EarthHimalayan Necklace

    The snowflake pendant represents the glaciers of the Himalayas. Due to global warming, the glaciers are melting, which can have disastrous effects on the flood-prone valleys below. As the runoff from the glaciers also stream into the rivers below, it causes a change in the river’s distribution of sediments. We are funding a solar panel to be installed in the school in Thame, Nepal at 17,716 feet elevation! You can help the millions of people who could be flooded or dependent on this irregular water supply by purchasing this item!

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  • Fire

    FireFlame Necklace

    Fire is a recurrent issue causing immense amount of damage to our environment worldwide. We are directing our focus to the California fires. These are responsible for loss of thousands of acres of forest in this otherwise beautiful landscape each year. Following the damages even if we replace the forests, only the timber returns and the loss of naturally occurring fauna and other wildlife is mostly permanent. With your purchase you can help increase fire awareness and we will donate to firefighting efforts in California.

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Surprise Complimentary Gift For You!

At checkout, please check a unique Nepalese handicraft category. This is our surprise complimentary gift for you. Each item is worth an average of $ 35 -$75 at retail. We purchase this from the Himalayan country as a support to their industry. This is a gesture of appreciation for your contribution and a show of our commitment towards our combined efforts. Items in category will be similar to but not exactly as depicted in the pictures.

  • BangleBangleFree
  • Ear-ringEar-ringFree
  • Pashmina ShawlPashmina ShawlFree

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We will be regularly updating the money raised in each of these categories and will post the contributions made to the agencies related to the respective causes.

Once again, a BIG thanks to all contributors, we are all in this together!